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Implemented projects

Use of budget funds allocated from the republican budget (thousand tenge)

Intended purpose 2020 2021 2022
State task for the TGR 3,038,747.00 1,934,974.89 2,541,028.57
NSPI Investment Project - 1,888,298.40 4,885,094.64
Demarcation of the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan 130,907.48 42,180.97 25,587.50


Project scope - national, inter-industry with international cooperation. Covers the entire territory of Kazakhstan. The project consists of three main parts:

  • Modernization of the State Geodetic Support System of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Establishment of basic open-use spatial data in the new state coordinates system;
  • Establishment of Information Systems of the State Geodetic Support and Basic Spatial Data.


Main effects of NSPI project implementation in 2024:

  • Establishment of unified national coordinate system QTRS (Qazaqstan Terrestrial Reference System) (instead of 1942 coordinate system);
  • Ensuring 100% coverage of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan with open spatial data;
  • Automation of spatial data exchange between central and local government agencies.
  • Providing people, businesses and investors with open spatial data and maps, which will increase economic activity for businesses;
  • Improving the efficiency of public administration at central and local levels by integrating spatial data and information systems at all levels into unified information environment;
  • Reducing the time for obtaining cartographic documents to real time mode, as well as its updating, by integrating departmental information systems, cadastres;
  • Reducing the expenditures for producing and updating spatial data and information systems.
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